Isiah L.


Birthdate: May 5, 2017

Diagnosis: B-Cell ALL
Isiah's Story

Isaiah's journey started before he was 3 years old. We had issues with his bowel movements around Christmas time, but we had no idea what was going on. Fast forward to January of 2020 ... the year of chaos. We headed to the ER with Isaiah. Thinking worst case scenario he would have a hernia. I was horrified that would be the outcome. They deemed his belly issues and random fever to be caused by a viral infection and potty training issues, and sent us home. We loaded back into the car and were 5 minutes down the road when the ER doctor personally called me on his cell phone. He told me they found leukemia blasts in Isaiah's blood work and to immediately bring him back to the hospital. 

Our little trooper has been going through this with the strength only the Lord can give. He has never fought once about taking his chemo or any medicines. We hit remission in February of 
2020. We are headed towards our finish line. March 23, 2022 he will be taking his last night 
dose of chemo! 

We are ecstatic and terrified! Isaiah is the toughest, now 4 year old, I've ever met. He doesn't fear anything he's going through. He has had a few illnesses along the way but he has defeated those. He's even had COVID during this treatment and beat that too. Our little man is our hero and we can't wait to see what his testimony will be like as an adult! Thank you for reading about Isaiah! 

"Thank you for the quilt! Quinten got great use of it today on a rainy, dreary day in southeast Tennessee."

"Isiah loves his quilt so very much! After I took some pictures,he immediately took it and put it on his bed. Thank you guys so very much!"