Sophia J.


Birthdate: January 28, 2011

Diagnosis: DIPG
Sophia's Story

In October 2021 Sophia was showing signs of a problem in her face ... drooping mouth, squinting eyes and numbness. She was falling a lot and had a lot of bruising. She was slurring her words and was unable to run. Her eyes were almost like she was glossy eyed.  

We took Sophia to the hospital where an MRI showed that she has DIPG. No treatment, except radiation and no cure. Sophia has a prognosis of 4-9 months. We are no on a trial medicine that is helping to maintain her tumor shrinkage. She did have 7 weeks of radiation. At this time the tumor is swelling once again so we are back on the steroids.

The treatment is attacking the cancer inside the tumor, and helping her maintain her balance. She just went back on the steroid because we noticed that she was showing the same signs she had in the beginning. Hopefully this will help her again. 
"Sophia loves her quilt. Thank you for doing this for her."