Colton H. 
South Carolina 
Birth Date: December 22, 2016

Diagnosis: ALL

Theme: Red, White & Blue

Due Date: April 1, 2022

Colton's Story

 Colton started complaining with stomach and back pain near the end of August 2021. After several days crying in pain we ended up taking him to the ER. They did X-rays and found out that he was really constipated. The doctors gave him medicine to take daily with enemas. It was 3 days before he had any relief. Thinking that he was better, he still didn't seem to be himself. As a mom I just thought it was because of the constipation. A few weeks went by and he started complaining of his back hurting again. This time we noticed he was really pale and out of breath just from walking a few steps. He would get up in morning but in no time want to go back to bed. We knew something wasn't right so we called his pediatrician. We went in that afternoon. The doctor wanted to make sure nothing else was going on. 

She set up another X-ray to be done the next day. Within 30 minutes after the X-ray, the doctor called and said his liver was enlarged. She wanted us to come in to do blood work right then. They drew blood in the office. About 5 or so minutes later the doctor came in and said, "You need to take Colton to Greenville Children's Hospital. His labs are low." She looked at use and at that moment she said the C word ... Cancer. I broke. My son was sitting on my lap and I was bawling. He looked at me and asked, "Mommy why are you crying?". I told him I had mascara in my eye. We went straight from there to Greenville Hospital.

  We were in the ER it seemed like forever before they moved us to the cancer center. The next day ... October 31st ... they told us he had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Not having any knowledge of leukemia and only hearing the word, we thought the worst. We had 7 or more people coming into the room going over everything. It's been a blur and a lot to take in.  They started steroids and chemo treatment right away.

We went home after being in the hospital 13 days. I'm glad we're home but very scared not having the doctors and nurses there. We will drive over an hour from our house back to Greenville hospital clinic to get his chemo treatments and to make sure he doesn't need any more blood are platelets. We know this is going to be a long road ahead of us and there's going to be good days and bad days. We put our faith in God and the doctors. We will take one day at a time.  

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1. Carolyn P - MA - Climbing Goat Designs - On the Road & In the Air - NA - Helicopter, Semi & Pickup with landscape
2. Fran G - FL - Keepsake Calendar 2013 - Smooth Sailing - Pg 41 - Red sailboat on water 
3. Sandy S - MO - Sue Hillis Designs - Soccer - NA - "Eat, Sleep, Play" w/ soccer ball
4. Tammy B - IA - patternsonline.com - Patriotic Bear - NA - Brown teddy, seated, holding flag & heart
5. Elaine B - TX - Pinoy Stitch - Chubby Race Cars 003 - NA - Blue Monster, going right
6. Brittany H - NV - Etsy LkaCrossStitch - On Vacation - NA - Woman & dog in red VW Bug, w/ luggage piled on car roof
7. Becky L - UT - Etsy CuteBroidery - Patriotic Gnome w/ top hat & sparklers
8. Bonnie W - WA - Cross Stitch Calendar (Sept) - Boots & Rodeo - NA - Western boots, stars & stripes
9. Shanna J - CA -Etsy TheStitchPatterns - Batman Mask - NA - Blue mask w/ "Be Strong" & "Be Brave"
10. Beth A - IN - Etsy LubaDaviesAtelier - Mickey American Flag - NA - Mickey's head shape made w/ flag & fireworks
11. Sandra P - MA - my-cross-stitch-patterns.com - Spiderman - NA - Crawling forward w/ left hand outstretched
12. Kim B - MI - Omnibook of Sports #10 - Speed - Pg 16 - Blue race car w/ red "SPEED THRILLS"
13. Sharon H - UK - Etsy AwesomePatternStudio - Captain America - NA - Standing, holding shield, facing forward
14. Debbie S - AL - Pinoy Stitch - Chubby Race Cars 002 - NA - Red Hot, going right
15. Joan M - AZ - Pinterest - Spiderman - NA - Upper body portrait in gold circle frame 
16. Scarlet D - PA - AlexStitches.com - Cat in the Hat - NA - Headshot wearing top hat & bow tie, blue circle background
17. Dawn O - IL - Etsy AwesomePatternStudio - Space Rocket - NA - Red & white rocket w/ blue background & clouds
18. Sandy G - VA - AlexStitches.com - Captain America Shield - NA - Shield & name
19. Jani P - CT - Kitty and Me - Crazy Patriotic Stars - NA - Four red, white & blue stars
20. April N - CA - Etsy IrisInLoveDesigns - Super Mario - NA - Standing w/ arms outstretched