McKay H. 
Birth Date: May 7, 2010

Diagnosis: Stage 4 Neuroblastoma

Theme: Zelda Videogame

Due Date: August 1, 2022

McKay's Story

McKay was originally diagnosed with Stage 4, High Risk Neuroblastoma in February 2014, when he was 3 years old. He underwent 17 grueling months of treatments ... which included chemotherapy, tumor resection surgery, MIBG therapy (out of state), high dose chemo, stem cell transplant, radiation, and immunotherapy. At the end of his treatment, he was considered to be NED (no evidence of disease). He went on to do an additional 2 years of a maintenance therapy aimed at keeping the cancer in remission. He also suffered from high frequency hearing loss as a permanent side effect from one of the chemo therapies he had.

After 5 1/2 years of being NED, and being considered "cancer-free" officially, in February 2021 (the exact weekend as his original diagnosis), at the age of 10, we found out that McKay had relapsed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. It was a shock to all of us, doctors included, because he had been NED for so long. The chance of the cancer coming back was so extremely slim at that point.  

To date, he has undergone 18 rounds of chemo-immunotherapy, and 14 rounds of radiation ... which has brought on success mostly. In February 2022, we found out the the cancer was beginning to progress again, and we are currently seeking different treatment options that may bring him back to a NED state.

McKay is a strong warrior who never gives up. He may be quiet at times, but he never complains, never asks "why", or "why me", or "why again". He trusts his doctors, and us ... his parents fully, and has complete faith. 

We received McKay's quilt, and WOW!! It is more than I could have even imagined!! 😭🥰 It's so perfect, and McKay absolutely loves it!!!