Brody R. 

Birth Date: March 27, 2005

Diagnosis: Pre B-Cell Lymphoblastoma
Brody's Story

Brody is 15 and was a very active teenager. He had extreme back pain on and off for about 4 weeks. One night, it was so severe we went to the ER. His blood showed all signs to Leukemia. On 7/22/20, Brody was diagnosed with Acute pre-B cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia High Risk. We were all in shock. He immediately started treatment.

Currently we're spending Day 85 in the hospital trying to retake a chemo med he had an allergic reaction to in September. The 1st month was rough, Brody lost 31 lbs in 27 days. The good part was finding out on Day 31 that Brody was clear of all cancer cells!

 That good feeling was very temporary because on Day 32, Brody was back in the hospital and had adrenal insufficiency. He was extremely sick and suffered a grand mal seizure. It took him a week to recover and get out of the hospital. He's back on track with treatments and has adjusted well mentally to this diagnosis. 

We have great support from family, friends, and the community. There have been blood drives and rummage sales in Brody's name. Our small town has signs TEAM BRODY all throughout and it's given us all the strength to carry on. 

Brody's quilt is so beautiful! How nice each person who did a square put their name and location on the quilt. We appreciate everyone's contributions. It's considerate gifts like this that put a smile on our faces during difficult days of Leukemia treatment. Thank you so much!