Regan R.
Birth Date: April 4, 2013

Diagnosis: Leukemia

Theme: Fishing, Hunting & Camping
Frogs, Lizards & Insects

Due Date: May 1, 2021

Regan's Story

Regan turned 7 in April of 2020 He loves all things outdoors: bugs and reptiles, fishing, hunting, shooting BB guns, and camping. He was incredibly active, and almost never sat still. With all the changes that Covid brought to our world, we thought the subtle changes we were seeing in his behavior were the result of the major upheaval in his daily life. He was less active and more sensitive. 
Everything changed one morning in May when he had severe weakness in his legs, to the point where they gave out from under him every time he tried to walk. We rushed to the ER. After a whirlwind of tests and possible explanations, he was moved to another hospital by helicopter, where we were told he has cancer. The first month of treatment went by in a blur. He was in the hospital for the entire month. We struggled with managing to keep our jobs, being in the hospital with Regan, and still having our other kids at home. The support that we received from our family, friends, and hometown was INCREDIBLE, and without it we wouldn't have made it through like we did.
Regan is doing so well with his treatment. We have had a few more hosptial stays and a ton of appointments. He handles all of the hurdles he faces with such bravery. He has kept a positive attitude and most days he is active and wild like he was before. He sometimes gets upset and discouraged when he is limited from doing some of his favorite things, but started a huge list of things he wants to do "when he is done with cancer" that grows every day.

​Below is a list of patterns that have been chosen for this quilt.
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Accepting 20 signups

1. Sandy S - MO - Stoney Creek's Cabin Classic - Tent - Pg 6 - Tent w/ 2 trees, sun & Native American design border
2. Sharon H - UK - Etsy HappyLittleMouse - Fishing - NA - Silhouette of night landscape w/ lake, man in boat fishing & trees, mountains & moon background
3. Jeanne O - PA - Etsy CampCrossStitch - Campfire Saying - NA - "Home is by the Campfire" w/ tree & fire
4. Jani P - CT - Bobbie G. Designs' - Leapfrog - NA - 2 frogs on lily pads, leaping right, w/ dragonflies
5. Karen B - PA - Etsy NoussaCreationStore - Hiking - NA - Campfire silhouette w/ man hiking, mountain & sunset
6. Jean B - PA - Stoney Creek's Encore #8106 - Trout - Pg 13 - 3 trout w/ border made of the word "Trout"
7. Trudy J - CAN - Portrait of an American Sportsman - Fly Fisherman - Pg 14 - Fisherman in a fish-shaped background
8.Polly P - OK - Kooler Design Studios - A Tale of Three Fish - NA - Rainbow Trout, Striped Bass & Coho Salmon 
9. Carolyn P - MA - Etsy HappyLittleMouse - Fish Silhouette - NA - Large fish, facing left, w/ mountain scene inside
10. Mary Ann M - MO - Etsy Nathnolu - Rainbow Beetle - NA - Large, colorful beetle
11. Stephanie H - WI - Etsy WhiteRavenPatterns - Adventure Awaits - NA - Saying w/ tent, campfire, creel & trees
12. Fran G - FL - Omnibook of Exotic Pets - Eight Bugs - Pg 40-41 - Common insects w/ "Mom, do you have any empty jars?"
13. Vicki S - SC - Dimensions kit - Fishing Time - NA - "Gone fishing" sign, creel, hat w/ lures, net & fish
14. Sandra P - MA - Etsy BangBangCrossStitch - Gone Hunting - NA - Deer silhouette w/ words & fall leaves
15. Doreen P - IL - Etsy PigeonCoopDesigns - Camping Sunset - NA - Tent, campfire, trees & sunset
16. Angela T - CA - Pinterest - Bass Fish - NA - Horizontal Bass, facing right
17. Tywanna J - NC - Country Sportsman - Rainbow Trout - Pg 10-11 - Jumping out of water to catch an insect
18. Rita L - MI - Great Big Graphs' Fisherman's Prize - Northern Pike - Pg 8-9 - Jumping out of water to grab lure, left profile
19. Hallie W - CA - ArtFire TerryEmelia - Gecko Lizard - NA - In shades of brown, crawling left
20. Debbie S - AL - Stoney Creek's Cabin Classic - Canoe - Pg 7 - Canoe w/ paddles, trees, sun & Native American design border