Caleb P.
Birth Date: February 24, 2016

Diagnosis: ALL

Theme: Trucks, Construction Equipment & 1st Responder Vehicles

Due Date: February 1, 2021

Caleb's Story

In February 2020 Caleb was having bad leg pain at night and had a low grade fever every night. He tested positive for strep throat and was given antibiotics. He started crying about everything. His body hurt, he was passing out, and he still had a fever after being on antibiotics for 4 days. His pediatrician did blood work. Before I even left town from his blood draw, his doctor called and made me pull over. She told me he had leukemia and I needed to head to the ER ASAP. 

At Northwest Children's Hospital in Amarillo, he received several blood transfusions in the next few days. He had his first bone marrow biopsy on his 4th birthday to give us his official diagnosis ... Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Treatment was started right away, and he went into remission after the first month.

After that first month of treatment, he was hospitalized with capillary leak syndrome, high liver enzymes, kidney stones, a strand of coronavirus, and was barely walking. It took a month or two for him to recover, while still going through treatment. He's now in the middle of frontline treatment and doing as well as he can having chemo, steroids, and antifungals. He's been in the hospital since with rhinovirus and has had an ER visit for excruciating back pain that ended up being spasms and severe constipation from steroids. 

Caleb is a fighter and we are so proud of him and our whole family! We are all CalebStrong!!

"Caleb received his quilt today and he loves it! Thank you so much! It’s amazing!"