Kellan S.
Birth Date: November 21, 2016

Diagnosis: Acute T-Cell ALL

Theme: Cars, Trucks & Airplanes
(Including Police Cars, Fire Engines & Monster Trucks)

Due Date: August 1, 2021

Kellan's Story

On September 13th Kellan couldn't stop throwing up stomach bile. We took him the ER and were told his calcium level was triple what it should be for a 3 year old. They also discovered he was severely dehydrated, had a heart murmur and an enlarged spleen. They ran blood tests and told us we needed to go to UVA in Virginia because he potentially had Leukemia. 

September 14th was one of the worst days. The word Leukemia coming out of a doctor's mouth when their child is 3 years old is something no one should hear. The doctor did a bone marrow procedure on September 17th. Kellan started treatment the next day. The doctor said his bones were so packed with leukemia he was surprised he could walk or move. They kept Kellan on a heart monitor for 10 days and through that discovered his heart was fine. They also kept an eye on his spleen. They could feel his spleen because of his dehydration. They kept him on fluids and gave him medicine to help lower his calcium.

 Kellan goes every Friday for treatment, and on day 4, 18 and 28 he gets a 2-hour treatment. They will preform another bone marrow procedure at the end of Induction Phase. If his bones are clear he will move into Consolidation Phase and treatments won't be as intensive. The treatment he is on now is an intensive 4 weeks with lots of traveling to UVA. We have the best doctors and they have walked us through every step. 

​Below is a list of patterns that have been chosen for this quilt.
Please check this list for duplications before signing up.
Link to sign-up form is at the bottom of the list.
Accepting 12 signups

1. Polly P - OK - Etsy ThornCreekDesigns - Fire Truck - NA - Red, side view, facing right
2. Vicki R - CT - CyberStitchers - Monster Truck - NA -  Blue, w/ "Monster Truck" above, facing right
3. Kaye S - OK - Just Cross Stitch 6/15 - Biplane - Pg 51 - Realistic, yellow 
4. Tywanna J - NC - Legends of the Highway - 1965 Pontiac GTO - Pg 18-19
5. Scharlet D - PA - Dennis Originals - Corvette Stingray - Pg 4 - Red, facing right
6. Amy L - VA - Etsy Mindyshop2 - Police Car & Fire Truck - NA - Combining both on 1 square
7. Carol H - PA - Pinoy Stitch - Monster Trucks Collection - NA - 7 various mini trucks
8. Sandy S - MO - Wheelies - Dump Truck - Pg 2 - Yellow, side view, facing left
9. Mary Z - CA - Etsy StitchingLand - Airplane - NA - Green biplane, flying right
10. Shellmarie S WV - Etsy SpookyAndSteve - Muscle Car Garage - NA - Blue, facing forward
11. Ruth K - MO - Etsy SevenDreamsShop - Vintage Biplane - NA - Blue, flying left
12. Carol H - PA - Pinoy Stitch - Mini Cooper - NA - Green, facing forward