Fisher P

Birth Date: February 3, 2011

Diagnosis: B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)

Theme - Wild Animals

 Favorite Colors: Green

Fishers's Journey

Fisher was very pale and sensitive to things and more tired than usual. Took him to his pediatrician for labs and he was severely anemic a few days later for his diagnosis. He had several rounds of chemotherapy which didn't work and he was categorized as high risk. He was then sent out of town for CAR T-cell therapy; the first round didn't last.We tried a second which did not work. He then had more chemo and had a bone marrow transplant. He almost made it to his one-year mark and relapsed. We tried more hard chemo and a few other things including clinical trials at St Jude. We currently have one option available which will be a new trial at St Jude.