Mason C 

Birth Date: January 22, 2013

Diagnosis: NK cell deficiency

Theme - Soccer

 Favorite Colors: Teal

Due Date: July 15, 2024
Mason's Journey

 Mason and his younger sister and older brother were all born with a genetic primary immune deficiency, NK cell deficiency. They have a novel genetic variant and we are the only family in the world known to have this defect at this time. They go through so much medically and get IVIG infusions weekly. Mason is on the verge of needing a bone marrow biopsy. This gene is known to cause bone marrow failure but we are the first family they know of with poor NK,T,B,and CTL function that have this gene. Mason has been granted a wish and our daughter will be next. It's been very isolating and terrifying and they are such sweet kids. They have been through so incredibly
much. Severe recurrent debilitating difficult to treat infections, hospitalizations, surgeries. IVIG treatments that are lifelong. Their entire bodies are affected. Thank you.
Below is a list of patterns that have been chosen for this quilt.
Please check this list for duplications before signing up.
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Accepting 20 signups

1. Shellmarie S - WV - PC. stitch I love soccer with changes. - Soccer net with a cleat in the sky.

2. Susan L - MI - Sue Hillis Designs - Play Soccer - Words Eat, Sleep and play soccer with soccer ball

3. Amy L - VA - The Cross Stitcher magazine - June 2001 - Soccer - Soccer player in front of word "SOCCER"

4. Sandra P - MA - Soccer Players Silhouettes 

5. Rita L - MI - - round soccer field with soccer ball 

6. Rhonda M - AK - cross stich pattern112 x 90Soccer player in silhouette on grass with large soccer ball in foreground

7. Ginny H - NY - Stoney Creek - Stitches for Champions Book 322Soccer6-7100w x 135h (before adjusting pattern)Soccer ball with yellowish 'busting thru' ring & 'Soccer' aboveWill use favorite color for 'Soccer'. 

8. Julie S - IL - Etsy SpookyAndSteve I Love Soccer Etsy pattern download 127 x 66 I love soccer with heart and soccer ball

9. Linda C - KY - Player kicking soccer ball in a star

10. Nancy F - IL - Sports That Count - Two boys playing soccer.

11.  Debbie S - AL - "I Love Soccer" with cleat, ball, water bottle - will change color to teal

12. Sandy S - MO - Live/Love Soccer

13. Jennifer P - NC - FIFA World Cup Logo 2014

14. Kaye S - OK - Hello, Sports Fans - Description Collage of words about soccer and soccer balls

15. Sandra P - MA - Soccer player standing in front of goal with foot on ball

16. Vicki R - CT - World Cup Soccer  - 2 boys kicking a soccer ball

17. Steph L - ID - Boy standing w/arms crossed, foot on soccer ball.

18. Emily - OR - My goal is to deny yours - I'm going to turn the sticker image into a pattern amd stitch the letters in teal.

19. Gail B - ID - sleeping boy dreaming of playing soccer. Will change colors to teals

20. Carolyn P - MA - A soccer cleat Too small but I will probably make it a pair of cleats or add an appropriate border