Madelyn D

Birth Date: August 23, 2017

Diagnosis: Medulloblastoma

Theme - Realistic Domestic Animals (loves dogs and cats)

 Favorite Colors: Pink and Purple

Due Date: April 15, 2024
Madelyn's Journey

Madelyn had been complaining for approximately 1 month about headaches, they were sporadic up to the last couple of days and we had discussed our concern with the pediatrician. Saturday night (5/20) she began vomiting and Motrin was not relieving the pain and thus led us to take her to the Emergency room on Sunday. After a blood panel and CT they discovered a lesion on the back of her brain. We were sent via ambulance to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital where she received phenomenal care and has been told by many that she is the floor favorite. She has figured out the loading syringes make pretty good squirt guns. A good laugh is great for the spirit. 

On 5/22 Madelyn went under general anesthesia to complete an MRI to prepare for brain surgery which took place on 5/23. The neurosurgeon taking care of Madelyn for this long road ahead is Dr. Dewan. The tumor which we know now is medulloblastoma was located in the Medial aspect of cerebellum, close to the 6th and 7th cranial nerves. Very close to the brain stem which is compressing. Praise the lord the tumor had been completely resected. Thus relieving the hydrocephalus and re-establishing the cerebrospinal fluid pathways. 

The tumor was intimate with deep structures of the cerebellum (responsible for coordination, automatic functions, speech, balance, ambulating, coordinating hand and leg movements) but we were thrilled that after initial healing Madelyn didn't need additional therapy. 

We have continued care at St. Jude's Children Hospital. Madelyn received 30 rounds of proton radiation, had a 6 week break and then returned for 7 rounds of chemotherapy. She has now completed 4 rounds and has been so strong. She occasionally still deals with nausea and headaches but overall has shown such resilience. 

Madelyn loves "fans" as she calls them and her sunshine is infectious and will continue to be. The bigger the prayer circle the better, we believe in the healing power of prayer and our girl was singing worship songs the night before her brain surgery. 
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1. Sandra P - MA - DOGS Collection 10 - Gray and White Italian Greyhound

2. Becky L - UT - - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

3. Pam R - WA - Tailwaggers #6 - Beagle holding rose in mouth

4. Charity L - NM - Canterbury Designs Man?s Best Friend - Yorkshire Terrier

5. Carolyn P - MA - Etsy Sofia M. Belenko shop - Dachsund sitting alone

6.  Sandra H - TN - Cross Stitch Collection November 2013 (Pretty Kitty by Lucie Heaton) - Light Brown Kitty in Blue Flowers

7. Beth A - IN - AnnaXstitch from Sofia M Bolenko on Etsy - A Golden Retriever head

8. Kaye E - AR - Cats Galore by Leisure Arts - Black gray tabby

9. Sandy S - MO - Cattitudes, 8th Litter by Jeanette Crews - Grey and white cat stretching, will stitch floor in purple

10. Rita L - MI - 2024 Calendar Wrendale Designs by Hannah Dale - Striped cat with white chest and paws sitting next to purple flowers

11. Vicki R - CT - Tailgaters 2 - Bernice mountain puppy

12. Julie L - PA - Cattitudes , the Twelfth Litter - Calico kitten playing with pink feather