Adia L.
Birth Date - April 4, 2003

Main Diagnosis - Unidentified Autoimmune Disorder

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Due Date: July 1, 2016

Adia's Story

Adia is a twelve year old girl with autism and a currently unidentified autoimmune disorder. Two years ago, she was treated for a large benign growth of the upper femur at Seattle Children's Hospital. That benign growth (the size of a fist) made structural changes to the bone, and Adia had to relearn how to walk. She has a 13" scar down her thigh. Her specialists believe Adia has a network of autoimmune disorders that are characterized by repeated growths. Additionally they have not ruled out Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. We've been seeing her specialists now for about a year, on the autoimmune disorder front, and for about ten years on the autism side.

Adia has "vasomotor instability," which is sort of explained as having veins that don't function so well. Normally, tiny muscles (more or less) control the flow of blood, but in Adia's case, they are not working properly, and allow blood to gather in her extremities. She is being screened for dysautonomia, and will be having an echocardiogram soon as her doctor suspects a small heart defect.

Currently she is on stimulant medications to control some of her impulse behaviors.

Nothing slows Adia down - she's a happy, tall girl with a fondness for "Teen Titans Go", Sonic the Hedgehog, and Pokémon. Despite some cognitive issues, she's doing very well with homeschooling, (she's learning fractions this year!) and while she's not a fan of reading (she likes YouTube better) she reads Nick Bruel's Bad Kitty stories.