Wyatt S.
Birth Date - May 4, 2010

Main Diagnosis - 15q11.2 Microdeletion
Wyatt's Story

When Wyatt was a newborn, we were trying to breastfeed.
Around 2 weeks old he just started screaming all the
time and not sleeping. It took us 4 more weeks of
eliminating things from my diet to give up and put him
on Neocate Infant. We introduce rice at 5 months and he
began to vomit violently and then be Lethargic.

Three hospitalizations and an ng tube later we figured
out he was allergic to a ton of foods, and had FPIES.
He continued to refuse any food and at 8 months old had
only gained 3 pounds. After the ng tube was placed, he
gained 2 pounds in less than a month and was scheduled
for a gtube and nissen fundoplication.

About a week later he turned blue while drinking juice
from a bottle. We rushed him to the ER. He had a
swallow study done which showed aspirations. He began
therapy at 10 months old for feeding, and early
intervention for global delays. He walked at 13 months,
but was nonverbal all the way until he was 2. His
speech and delays continued to get more and more

He started exhibiting autistic behavior and was
diagnosed in 2013 with Autism. He has continued to make
HUGE strides both developmentally and physically. He is
an amazing kid, but he spends a lot of time in therapy
or at the hospital. He is a trooper for blood work. He
struggles with behaviors and being out in public, but
tries very hard. He’s an amazing kid, especially
considering all hes come up against.