Soriya P.
Birth Date - December 29, 2008

Main Diagnosis - Pulmonary Artresia, Ventricular septal defect, MAPCAs, Tetrollogy of fallot ,
long QT

Soriya's Story

Soriya's was born with three heart defects. She has had 2 surgeries to attempt to repair the defects and will have to have 1-2 more. She had her first surgery in February of 2009. The doctor place a B-T shunt to help increase the amount of oxygenated blood that she gets to her lungs. Her second surgery which was done on July 17,2009 was suppose to be a repair that would increase the size of her pulmonary artery and collect the extra arteries that she has into one and connect them to her lung. After the doctor attempted the repair he realized that he would not be able to complete it so she had a second B-T shunt placed. And is now recovering in the hospital from that surgery and complications from a torsion of the upper portion of her right lung. Soriya has had a lung lobectomy of her upper right lobe and is doing well.
After spending over a month in the hospital from the complications from the lung torsion, Soriya returned home and did extremely well for the next couple of years. She thrived and grew by leaps and bounds and was able to maintain her oxygen levels in the high 80s and sometimes getting as high as the 90s.
In 2011 Soriya was taken into surgery again to remove the BT shunts that she has had since shortly after birth. The surgery was in August 2011 and was successful. A RV to PA conduit was placed and will hopefully last until her early teens.
Soriya has been doing great, with O2 in the high 90s and holding. She has been able to enjoy being a child and hospital free. She participates in a variety of dance classes and loves to sing and draw. She began piano lessons this year as well and has done very well in learning to play. She has refused to let her heart defect slow her down.