Mateo C.
Birth Date - October 3, 2011

Diagnosis - ALL


Quilt Deadline: 10/1/16
Mateo's Story

Mateo had been sick with different illnesses for 6 months prior to being diagnosed with cancer. As difficult as receiving the news was, after hearing it, we were determined to make the most of it. We knew that there are two sides to the cancer story. The Beast's was going to be one of hope. The Beast is Mateo's nickname and it fits him well. Mateo's journey has taken us many places that we never wanted to go. It has included many hospital stays. Numerous blood and platelet transfusions, several ambulance rides, and even a helicopter ride. We've even almost lost our son a few times due to infections in his body. We slept in chairs that were barely suitable for sitting and at times, didn't sleep at all. We've been through a lot, but The Beast has been through more, and if he can continue to smile then so shall we.

Nothing happens by chance, and for us that includes Mateo's illness. It's led to the formation of Cancer Mommies of the Central Coast, a support group for local cancer moms in our county, and meetings with local emergency rooms in hopes of making this journey easier for the next family. Our family is stronger now than before. We are more loving and consider each moment, no matter the circumstances, a gift.

The Beast is presently in a phase of treatment called Maintenance. This includes oral chemo daily, methotraxate chemo weekly, Vincristine chemo monthly, 5 days of steroids monthly and lumbar punctures (chemo in the spine) every 3 months. What makes his fight even harder is that our son is 1 in 300 who has an enzyme deficiency to the daily oral chemo which has caused maintenance to be rough phase. This phase will continue until December, 23, 2016. 

Although, he has technically been in remission since day 29 of diagnosis, his protocol is 3 1/2 years long. Unfortunately, Leukemia likes to hide so that is why our kids are treated for so long. My husband and I are continuing to work full time and juggle the cancer life. And life goes on. Everything we do, let's do it with a purpose is our motto.

"Thank You"

"OH MY WORD. WE ARE IN AWE AND COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED in such a beautiful way. This quilt is UNREAL. THANK YOU ALL, so much for Mateo's quilt. We've honestly never seen such a beautiful quilt. We love each square. Love the talent. Love the verses. Even noticed the orange ribbon. Love how the names are posted and the state the squares were made. Love everything about this quilt. Thank you all so much. You've touched our hearts with your time, talent and love for our sweet boy."