^i^Kennady C.
April 28, 2015 - February 21, 2018

Diagnosis - Neuroblastoma

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Due Date: 8/1/17
Kennady's Story

In January 2017 we took Kennady to her pediatrician for what we thought was a GI issue. Perhaps lactose intolerance at the most. Her stomach was protruding worse and worse the past two weeks and she was extremely gassy. We tried changing her diet with no luck and even went to the ER and were told it was constipation. Our wellness visit then turned into an emergency ultrasound at St. Agnes. We were transferred to John Hopkins Children's ER after being told she had a good size mass near her left kidney and spleen. She was admitted to Hopkins on the Pediatric Oncology floor. 

After a lot of bloodwork and scans they told us they were certain she had Neuroblastoma. They did a biopsy of the mass and her bone marrow, and put in a port because they wanted to start chemo as soon as they had the biopsy results. The mass was very close to a main artery, and they wanted to go the safest route possible.

Kennady has completed three rounds of chemo and will be going in for another round on April 5th. After this round of chemo we will get scans done of her body to see if her tumor is shrinking and if the chemo is working. Three months ago on her original scans there was a spot on her right leg and a few on her liver. We did find out though that it was not in her bone marrow. 

As long as her scans look great we will continue with resection surgery, and then one last round of chemo to "clean it up". I wish we could say that would be the end but we still have a stem cell transplant, radiation and immunotherapy ahead of us. We still have a long road to go but we have faith that we will get through this! 

This is something we never expected to happen, ever. Especially to our smart and perfectly happy baby girl.