Finley S.
Birth Date - January 31, 2012   

Main Diagnosis - 15q11.2 Microdeletion
Finley's Story

As a baby, Finley seemed to be developing normally. It wasn't until he was about 15 months old that we noticed speech delays and he became sick. He began throwing up constantly and we started to question if might have the same problem as his older brother. By age 2 he was socially and emotionally behind and not gaining weight at all. He stopped growing and was diagnosed with FTT. He began therapies and we took him to see a new genetics doctor. She pointed out similarities in their features, and he was re-tested. The tests showed that he had the same Microdeletion. The diagnosis explained all of his "quirks" as we had always called them.

Finley had a feeding tube placed at age 3. Now at 4 years old he still functions at the age of a 2 year old. He is an amazing child. He’s funny and the best cuddler. I couldn't imagine my world without him.