Ethan W.
Birth Date - July 16, 2008

Main Diagnosis -  Epilepsy,

Theme: Trains, tractors, buses, motorcycles, monster trucks, sporty race cars - ANYTHING WITH WHEELS! (But NO ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILES)

Due Date: September 1, 2016

Ethan's Story

Ethan is very sweet, loving child. He tries his hardest at things. He was in therapy from the age of two, because he wasn't talking. At the age of 4, while he was taking a nap, he turned blue, while having a seizure. This seizure lasted 12 hours. Ethan was airlifted from Hattiesburg to Jackson, MS. They warned us he may never be the same or make it. But Ethan pulled through, although there were complications after this lengthy seizure.

In January 2012, we had a video EEG and it showed he had epilepsy. After that week long test, we came home and Ethan had another deep seizure that landed us back in Jackson. In November, we went to Texas to visit family, and Thanksgiving night he went into another seizure, and Ethan got air lifted to Houston.

Neurology decided to implant a VNS (Vagus Nerve Stimulator) to help with Ethan's epileptic seizures. We were told it was outpatient and easy, but after that surgery, Ethan was once again, airlifted to another hospital, as he was in severe respiratory distress.

Even though he has the VNS, he still has seizures related to his epilepsy. All of his seizures land Ethan in the hospital for a week . Ethan also has sleep apnea, due to "stridor," which is very noisy breathing, due to obstructive airflow through a narrow airway. He has a CPAP machine, because he stops breathing at least 8 to 10 times a night. Ethan also has severe asthma which requires him to take medications along with using an inhaler and nebulizer.

And all these health problems and all of his seizures, have caused brain damage and developmental delays. In spite of all these challenges - Ethan always has a smile on his face! He loves learning things on his iPad, and jumping on a trampoline. Right now he is a first grade student at Petal Primary School, and looking forward to being a second grader in November.

Currently we are trying to get Ethan a service dog, due to his severe epilepsy, and because of the frequency of his seizures. And also, because some of the seizures occur while he is sleeping - which is dangerous, as Ethan cannot tell us that he is having one. A dog that is specifically trained to help Ethan, could save his life!

"Thank You"

He ❤️S it!!! Thanks