Darius K.
Birth Date - October 30, 2004

Main Diagnosis - Cerebral Palsy 
Darius's Story

Darius was full-term, but,
after a long labor, was born with brain injury. The injury left him with
cerebral palsy, epilepsy, microcephaly, visual impairment, and severely
developmental impairment. Because of this, he is unable to walk independently,
and is also non-verbal, but very vocal. He's getting better at letting his
caretakers know what he's thinking & feeling, and we're getting better at
Despite all the diagnoses, Darius is an easy-going boy who loves
to go to school and be around people. He is always ready with a smile when he
hears a familiar voice.
Darius loves to dance whenever the mood strikes him,
with or without music. Oh, and sometimes he provides the song himself.​