^i^ Daisy B.
September 27, 2006 -
February 28, 2020 

Main Diagnosis - Medulloblastoma, 
  2nd occurrence 

^i^ Daisy's Story

The treatment and surgery left Daisy with hearing loss, paralyzed facial muscles, and nerve damage, but her spirit has remained intact. “Daisy has had amazing resilience since the beginning of her journey into this world. She is really a happy little girl,” her mother said. “Her happiness, joy, and strength radiate within her, helping her persevere in whatever struggles she has had to endure.”

Daisy has a best friend in her sister, Isabella, who is three years older. She is eager to do whatever her sister wants to do, and it’s no sacrifice for her. She likes making other people happy.

The family celebrates June 19, when Daisy was placed into her mother’s arms on her adoption day, which they have dubbed “'Forever Family Day.” They also like to observe Chinese New Year, to help Daisy stay connected to her Chinese culture. Another favorite holiday of Daisy’s is Easter — no egg is safe from her zest for decorating.

This determined little girl doesn’t look up to a superhero or a celebrity. Rightly so, Daisy said that she is her own hero, because, "I like me!”


Daisy lost the battle on February 28, 2020.