Brielle S.
Birth Date - November 30, 2013

Diagnosis - Cystic Fibrosis
Brielle's Story

 Brielle is 3 years old. Just after her 1st birthday, on 12/9/2014 we were told that she has a chronic progressive terminal disease called Cystic Fibrosis. CF is a very complex disease that affects most major organs in her body. She has about a 50% chance of living to the age of 36.

  She seemed to be reaching milestones at a "normal rate. As she got older, we realized she was unable to speak. She was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech. This is a neurological disorder.

  We face a multitude of struggles daily with Brielle. I am her mother and after her CF diagnosis we made a decision that I would need to leave my work to provide her constant care and protect her delicate body and immune system from the germs involved in daycare.
  Brielle is the youngest of our 4 children. She is an absolute delight. So precious and so sweet. 
Squares stitched by 
"Cross Stitch Addicts"

"Thank You"

"We would like to thank all those involved who had a hand in making this BEAUTIFUL quilt. So much work and detail is seen. Very heartwarming and this means so very much to Brielle and our family. She is a little girl who deals with a whole lot. This was such a delight to receive today! Our deepest gratitude to you!"