Norma P

Birth Date: July 9, 2016

Diagnosis: B-Cell Leukemia

Theme - Mermaids
 Favorite Colors: Blue and Purple

Due Date: January 15, 2024
Norma's Journey

Norma is 1 of 6 children, raised on a farm in Culbertson, Montana surrounded by her siblings, cousins and grandparents. Norma started having leg pain May 4, 2023, 
her to miss the rest of the school year and undergo lots of testing, pokes, doctors and ER visits. After multiple diagnoses and none fitting the actual diagnosis, mom Kristin pushed for more testing, more answers. Our local doctor was the one to take us
 seriously and finally run the tests we needed to get the right answers. The blood smear came back positive for leukemia on June 8, 2023. We were headed to a family funeral when we got the call that no parent wants: that our child had cancer. I pushed and got an appointment with a child oncologist who confirmed it was leukemia. Norma spent the first 10 days admitted in the hospital 8 hours from home with mom and dad, while Norma underwent
 treatments and surgery. We have spent the last 4 months traveling to doctors for treatment or living in the Ronald McDonald House. Norma will undergo treatment for the next 2 years or more.Norma's Journey

Below is a list of patterns that have been chosen for this quilt.
Please check this list for duplications before signing up.
Link to sign-up form is at the bottom of the list.
Accepting 20 signups

1. Patti O - NV - - Mermaid Sisters - two young mermaids playing with starfish.

2. Susan L - MI - Etsy lucieheaton design- Mermaid Under the Sea - Blond mermaid
 with green and purple tail, surrounded by fish

3. Sandra P - MA - - Red haired mermaid with head in hands, blue tail up in air

4. Carrie H - MO - - mermaid with purple hair and pink tail holding a shell purse

5. Pam R - Rainbow Mermaid - Shannon Christine Designs - Mermaid with blue hair, tail in rainbow colors, surrounded by colorful flowers, fish, jelly fish.

6. Kaye S - OK - Mermaid Under the Sea = freebie leaflet from Charles Craft - Brightly colored mermaid with green and purple tail and pink top with a pink crown.

7. Carol H -

8. Sally S - CROSS STITCH BY THE SEA by Ursula Michael - mermaid -golden haired mermaid with blue tail, swimming, facing forward and holding green plant 

9. Sandy S - - Mermaid with blue and purple tail within a circle of pink flowers 

10. Dawn - - duplicate (color change)

11. Kay R - PA - - Mermaid Garden

12. Martina C - TX - - Pink mermaid playing harp in front of a large open clam shell

13. Sandra P - MA - - Seated blue mermaid with purple hair

14. Jeanne O - Climbing Goat Designs - Brushstrokes Mermaid - Pastel mermaid with swirls running through the design

15. Bonnie W - WA - Etsy Mindyshop2 - Three standing mermaids

16. Jennifer P - NC - - Colorful Mermaid with Starfish Crown

17. Leigh G - TN - - Mermaid with blue hair, blue bathing suit and blue fin

18. Ashley R - TN - Etsy (MyLovelyCrossStitch) - Blue and Purple Mermaid Tail

19. Rita L - MI - - Mermaid with blue tail and pink hair with bubbles

20. Stephanie H - WI - - Cute Mermaid Cross Stitch Pattern