Jordy Z

Birth Date: 11/21/2014

Diagnosis: Wolf Hirschhorn syndrome  

Theme - Music
(favorite colors pastel pink, purple, green)

Due Date: October 1, 2023
Jordy's Journey

Jordy is 8 years old, was born with a rare genetic condition called Wolf Hirschhorn syndrome. We were told she may not live past two.

 She spent a lot of her younger years in the hospital and there were a few times we weren't sure if she would pull through but she fought and fought-stunning the doctors. She is deaf and blind and has to work hard for every single thing in her life. 

She is so resilient, always happy and continues to spread joy wherever she goes. She is non-verbal but has so much to say. She just loves music and dances to her own beat even though she cannot walk-yet!

She loves people and being social-always vocalizing down the
 halls at school. It's incredible to watch how far she has come and see her thrive today. We don't know what life holds in the future but sure are blessed to be her parents.