Zoe V

Birth Date: 2/8/2015

Diagnosis: Congenital neutropenia, bone marrow failure

Theme - Dogs, Cats (Realistic)
(Favorite color-Pink)

Due Date: September 1, 2023
Zoe's Journey

Zoe was sick from birth. She had feeding difficulties and was failure to thrive. She was sick so often. When she was 1 she developed a very high fever accompanied by seizures. She was admitted to the hospital and eventually diagnosed with neutropenia. 

At this point, we were not sure what kind she had, or the severity of her disease. We did know, she had zero white blood cells and zero neutrophils. After a few years, countless bone marrow biopsies and genetic tests, Zoe was found to have severe congenital neutropenia.

She doesn't eat food due to a paralyzed GI tract. She relies on tube feeds and TPN nutrition
through a central line. Her bones are also very weak. She gets infusions every 10 weeks to strengthen them. Despite all of this, Zoe is one of the happiest kids you will ever meet. She is so strong and so resilient. 

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