Tristian M

Birth Date: 6/24/2017

Diagnosis: Alpha, one antitrypsin, adrenal insufficiency, skeletal dysplasia, clubfeet, spinal

Theme - Encanto

Due Date: September 1, 2023
Tristian's Journey

I was told I was having a perfectly normal healthy child, even though I had very bad feelings about it. My child came up, not breathing from a C-section. 

Then he had a traumatic intubation where they scraped up the lining of his airway just trying to get a tube in so they can breathe. After that, he was med flighted to Vanderbilt where I followed him five hours from home into a city I never knew or I've never been to. 

I was there with my baby for the first year of his life where he fought for his life and he still continues to fight for his life every day, but his smile never leaves his face and his laughter is in fatuous. Everybody gets the joy that he lights everywhere he goes. He is my hero!! 

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