Ethan A

Birth Date: August 13, 2020

Diagnosis: B cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia 
Theme - Mickey Mouse, Bluey, and dinosaurs (Favorite
 color - blue ) 

Due Date: January 15, 2024
Ethan’s Journey

Our lives were changed dramatically when our 2 yr old Ethan was diagnosed with pre B cell ALL Leukemia on April 26, 2023. What started as a simple double ear infection, turned into our worst fear. 

Ethan had been a previously healthy, happy, energetic toddler. He loves to dance, play games, watch Mickey Mouse, and most of all spend time with his brothers (Julian and Jayden). He went to daycare five days a week, and battled many of the common illnesses that little ones do when they are building their immune system. When his ear infection did not improve on various types of antibiotics, we finally took him into emergency for further evaluation. We never thought in a million years that we would hear the words cancer, or Leukemia.

What followed this diagnosis was a whirlwind of events designed to quickly and correctly identify the type of Leukemia and subsequent treatment to beat Ethan’s cancer. Ethan was inpatient at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for over 40 days. He was finally released but he only spent two days at home before he was rushed back with a fever of 105. What started as an infection turned into septic shock within hours. Ethan was moved to the ICU where he could receive adequate care. 
Once again, he was released after a week and allowed to spend some time at home. Ethan has since completed another 8-week block of chemo and started a new 8-week block just recently. He will be inpatient for days at a time while the high dose Methotrexate flushes through his system. We hope Ethan will be done with frontline treatment in December. His battle will not be over, there is a 2-year maintenance phase of chemotherapy to follow.

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1. Kaye E - AR - Mickey & Friends by Leisure Arts - The Gang's All Here - Mickey, Minnie, Pluto. Goofy, Donald & Daisy

2. Jennifer P - NC - - Mickey on Vacation

3. Becky L - UT - Wizard

4. Pam R - WA - Walt Disney Characters in CCS by Paragon - Mickey
 standing with arms behind his back

5. Angela T - - Baby light blue dinosaur

6. Ruth Kirby - MO - Mickey Mouse - Mickey Mouse
 holding his hands under his cheeks.

7. Fran G -WI - Walt Disney Characters - Mickey Mouse as Wizard

8. Carol H - PA - - Bluesy character

9. Kim B - MI - dragons and dinosaurs by barbara christopher - dinosaur will change color and add border

10. Emily A - OR -]-R&c[0]=AT16F2YWMuFv5hTEJhnV177EWD8RST7A18QQdwybL0fDU3YNAVXZQeizBr9UcKMtawSKVXpLh-tb_f0tQWfANH2BwIx_z7b1zsE-Pdv8l53HP0CZCRonG76kahCt4LsnSTJN_JcjnY4xCCBuCe_TTqAnzqOjm9ac89Uu51N2TUPI2CxAo5hTulZJdmt8o-FleSrNMEadrkd6KGq5

11. Ashley R - TN - - Dinosaur Roar - The word roar surrounded by four dinosaurs

12. Carolyn P - PA -
Page number - Bluey and Bingo are hugging