Aubree R

Birth Date: December 7, 2019

Diagnosis: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Theme - Realistic Baby Animals (including a German Shepherd puppy) 
Favorite Colors: Pink, Yellow, Blue and Purple

Due Date: January 15, 2024
Aubree's Journey

Aubree was diagnosed 2 months after her third birthday. She was sick on and off for 3-4 months before her diagnosis. The doctor couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. We went in for an ear infection and the doctor saw that she had petechiae surrounding her eyes. They immediately did blood work and rushed us to Texas Children's Hospital downtown ER. From there we received
 the devastating diagnosis and were in the hospital for 12 days. We are currently 6 months in and Aubree is doing well and her doctors are impressed with her resilience. She is a tough cookie and a strong fighter. 
Below is a list of patterns that have been chosen for this quilt.
Please check this list for duplications before signing up.
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Accepting 12 signups

1. Jani P - CN - Yiotas Stitch (German Shepherd Puppy) - face
 of young German Shepherd puppy (still has floppy ears)

2. Sandy S - MO - Country Cradle by Country cross-stitch - Baby Lamb

3. Carol H - PA - Gloria & Pat - The Brown Bear - two baby
     brown bears

4. Sandra P - MA - Canterbury Designs Man's Best Friend Collection 2 - Basset Hound -     Sitting basset hound puppy

5. Ashley R - TN - - Baby deer sitting in flowers

6. Kaye S - OK - Wild Animals in Cross Stitch - Baby Koala on mama koala's back in tree

7. Rita L - MI - World of Cross Stitching Calendar 2017 Wrendale Designs by Hannah     Dale - Three baby fox/kits sleeping in a pile 

8. Carrie H - MO - Born in the Wild Stoney Creek Book 379 - Big Cat Babies- Tiger Cub

9. Mary Z - CA - Etsy/ - Baby Elephant 

10. Pam T - TX - Hannah Dale 16 month calendar - Mischief Chart - Brown/White Cavalier     pup

11. Elaine B - TX -An old Leisure Arts magazine - Hide And Seek - bunny hiding in an     overturned red clay flower pot, pot is laying in a patch of flowers

12. Sarah Y - FL - - Baby Sloth