Marc B.
Birth Date - May 20, 2015

Diagnosis - Periodic fever syndrome, lymphopenia

Theme: Baseball, Light blue

Due Date: April 1, 2023

Marc's Story

Marky was diagnosed with common variable immunodeficiency just before his second birthday after a lifetime of major infections and hospitalizations. He receives immunoglobulin infusions through IVIG every 3 weeks through his mediport essentially replacing the immune system that his body doesn't produce on his own. These infusions will be lifelong. These being their own problems with major side effects but the pros certainly outweigh the cons. You can follow his hashtag #markysmission to see updates or if you have any other questions. He is unable to go to school due to his medical condition as it is an unsafe environment for him. We currently do virtual school which is a struggle within itself. Thankfully his doctors have cleared him to play baseball since it is outside. It has become his absolute passion and love. When his health allows, he is playing on a 10 and under baseball travel team at the age of 7. It has given him a little bit of normalcy in his difficult life.
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1. Sandy S - MO - On The Team designs by Nanci - Baseball player swinging bat

2. Fran G - FL -Sweet Scriptures book 2. Sandi Gore Evens - Young boy w/ baseball and glove

3. Pam R - WA - Baseball Player Silhouette - Baseball player swinging bat - silhouette design - will stitch with light blue

4. Ruth K - MO - Eileen Gurak Needlework Designs - Hooked on Baseball

5. Nezzy - SC - TBD

6. Sandra P - MA - Florida Marlins logo

7. Vicki R - CT - Sports that count - Baseball player swinging a bat

8. Kaye - OK - Stoney Creek Magazine June 2006 - Glove, Ball and bat with red and blue stars

9. Debbie S - AL - Etsy - Baseball Sports Mini Sampler - Sampler of various baseball items, will change some to light blue

10. Dawn O - IL - Sue Hillis - There's No Place Like Home saying with baseball 

11. Jeanne O. - PA - Omni book of sports by Jeanette Crews - player wearing gray uniform with red stripes swinging bat - will eliminate border and words

12. Carolyn P - MA - climbing goat designs - silhouettes of four baseball players catching a ball, swinging a bat I will change the colors to light blue

13. Bonnie W - WA - Dafnis creations Sports In Action Book 3 - Male baseball players - Batter ready to swing, catcher crouched behind. Will stitch in two shades of blue

14. Brittany N - NV - - Major League Baseball logo

15. Gail B - ID - Stoney Creek Sports, book 46 - The word "baseball" with crossed bats and a ball making the letter A. Will work up some sort of boarder to fill in the pattern 

16. Steph L - ID - Stoney Creek World of Sports, book 144 - Will change pattern to "play ball" vertical instead of horizontal, over a baseball. Will use Braves colors

17. Carrie H - MO - Tampa Bay Rays MLB Logo -Tampa Bay Rays Logo

18. Sharon - UK - ETSY - Love baseball - baseball/bat with word love

19. Amy L - Va - The Cross Stitcher magazine - April 2001 - Baseball player swinging bat in front of word "baseball" and inside of square border

20. Janis A - WI - TBD
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