Maggie H.

South Carolina

Birthdate: November 10, 2014

Diagnosis: Ewing Sarcoma
Maggie's Story

Our 5 year-old Maggie was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma on May 19, 1920. Our world has gone upside down since this. She needed two plus years of chemo and radiation. We were told at some point she would need surgery. There were so many unexpected twists and turns that we were just barely starting to see. Maggie has two amazing siblings at home, and our parents have been a huge help with them since we started this crazy, sad journey. We have had to drive to her treatment center every other week and stay for her chemo that ran 5 to 6 days at a time. All while still trying to maintain our home.

 Maggie's chemotherapy had been on track. The tumors shrank, but they aren't able to do surgery because the tumors were scattered on her right chest cavity. There was not just one mass to remove. She needed special radiation. On August 18th, we went to Jacksonville, Florida to get her markers for Photon and Proton Radiation therapy. It was outpatient and we had to stay in Florida the entire time. 

Maggie came close several times to being cured. This January she had new scans. We got the results on the 28th. The cancer had returned and in a very concerning way. Maggie now has spots on both her right and left side in multiple places as well as a spot on her lung. There's a lot of evidence of recurrent disease. The reality was pretty dark, but we hadn't given up hope. We didn't know what the steps forward would be, but wanted to take any avenue possible for Maggie's treatment.  

New scans on March 21st showed that the chemo just wasn't working. We knew from the beginning Ewing Sarcoma was tough to treat, and we always took the most aggressive, effective route. Maggie's team lead the way with their knowledge and leadership in the pediatric cancer world and we are forever grateful for the time we've been gifted with Maggie. Even with different chemos and the best care, the cancer is still growing and the question has been raised if further treatment would be a good idea. 

We needed to focus on making sure Maggie's needs are met, and that we enjoy as much time with her as we can. Maggie is off treatment now after her third relapse and continued growth of cancer despite every attempt otherwise. She is spending her time being a regular kid, playing with friends and making memories with her family. Thank you all for your love and support!