22 -15 - Axten-Q

Axten Q.


Birth Date: February 5, 2015

Diagnosis: Wilms Tumor  

Theme: Mindcraft & Fortnite

Due Date: September 1, 2022

Axtens's Story

It was an ordinary evening at our house as we were getting ready for bed. I tucked Axten in and gave him the usual tummy tickle. I felt something that surprised me. There was a huge lump on his left side. Initially, I thought he was constipated. When the lump didnt reside, I took him to the clinic for an x-ray. The results were unsettling. Axten had an unknown mass on his left kidney and he needed to have an emergency CT scan.

The next morning, we left home for what would be the last time for the next 2 weeks. Axten struggled through his IV placement and holding still for the CT but we got it done. We waited for what seemed like forever to get his results. Finally, I got the phone call. "You need to go to the East Building and meet with an Oncologist." My heart sank. I knew the East Building was the cancer building and I knew what an oncologist was. I stayed positive and didn't let my fear consume me. I had a 4 year old little boy watching me from the back seat after all. 

We arrived at the East Building and made our way to the oncology department. Nothing in the entire world could have prepared me for what I heard next..."Your son has Cancer." Everything went silent. Tears hit the floor at my feet. My first words were, "What are his chances at remission?" 

Axten was rushed into surgery the following morning. They removed a 12 cm mass, from his left kidney. He spent 12 days in the hospital and underwent 5 months of chemotherapy. The pain and fear I saw in my son's eyes was enough to break me, but I remained strong for him.

Today Axten is cancer free. He continues to have routine scans and blood work to catch any cancer that may reappear. Although he has a few scars and long term effects from treatment, I thank God he's alive and well! I hope Axten's story not only gives hope to other kids, but also raises awareness for childhood cancer. 
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1. Doreen P - IL - Etsy -ArcadeStitches Eat Sleep Mine Repeat
2. April N - MO -  Etsy - Cute baby Enderman holding dirt block
3. Trudy J - CA - Kookycrossstich - Minecraft - characters and tools from Minecraft Video Game
4. Debbie S - AL - Etsy - Minecraft Baby Zombie Jockey - Baby Zombie riding a Duck
5. Lisa T - AZ - Minecraft Steve - Steve standing with a pickax
6. Becky L - UT - Fortnite - Max Drift - Max Drift wearing mask, facing front holding battle ax
7. Carolyn P - Drift and Cuddle Team Leader - Two Fortnite characters
8. Pam T - TX - Ice King - Purple and grey Fortnite character
9. Melissa - VA - wo Fortnite perler bead patterns, loot llama and peely - Banana and llama character from fortnite
10. Pam E - SC - Etsy.com/listing/74847 - Green blocks creating a face with black boxes will add a boarder to meet size guidelines
11. Mariela R - NY - https://karensperler.dk/fortnite - Battle Bus - Bus with hot air balloon
12. Sandra P - MA - Fortnite Logo
13. Brittany H - NV - Raven, cuddle team leader, havoc, & raptor - Raven, cuddle team leader, havoc, & raptor In square
14. Carol H - PA - Minecraft Monster - Minecraft figure in greens
15. Pam T - TX - Fortnight - Red King
16. Ruth K - Baby Minecraft - Skeleton Jockey
17. Stephanie H - WI - Etsy shop: twolilkits - Minecraft character standing by house with caves, monsters shown below ground
18. Jenny P - Redstone/Minecraft - front facing Minecraft Redstone character
19. Melissa M - VA - Fusion, Red Knight, and Merry Marauder - 3 Fortnite characters from perler bead patterns
20. Patti Q - NV - fortnite character - Self design

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