Emily K. 
Birth Date: November 11, 2016

Diagnosis: Lung Disease & Cerebral Palsy

Theme: Pink & Girly
IE: Fairies, Flowers, Princess Stuff, Hearts (NO Disney Princesses or Realistic Animals)

Due Date: November 1, 2021

Emily's Story

Emily was born after a tumultuous pregnancy that required her mom to be on hospital bedrest for 10 weeks before she was born. She was born with lung disease and stayed in the NICU for 8 weeks after birth. Emily finally came home on home oxygen. At 2 1/2, Emily had finally grown out of her need for nighttime oxygen! We thought she was on the mend and now a typical toddler. 

One short month later, Emily got a virus (human meta pneumo virus). She quickly deteriorated and was transported to Boston Childrens. She was intubated and even that could not stabilize her. They tried a last ditch effort to give her lungs time to heal and placed her on ECMO. After 2 weeks of no improvement it became clear she would need a double lung transplant. She received her gift of life on 4/30/19. 

Emily is doing very well right now, but she still deals with the side effects of the 13 meds 
she takes daily. Emily has Cerebral Palsy from her rough birth, and is post-stroke. She had 
a stroke on ECMO. Emily also requires a pacemaker due to her Av node being damaged during her journey to transplant.

"Emily received her quilt! She is in love with it! It matches her so well!!! She slept all night cuddled up in it. Thank you all so much for brightening her day!"