Eduardo W. 

Birth Date: November 29, 2016

Diagnosis: ALL
Eduardo's Story

Eduardo is a loved boy. Before we knew anything was wrong he was always so happy. He can make friends anywhere. He just has that kind of smile. 

In January of 2020 he was acting differently. He lost weight and became pale. Our primary doctor said he was just anemic. In June after constant ER visits we went to The Children's Hospital of Colorado. They ran many tests and found he had Leukemia. He was low on blood and was given 3 blood transfusions. He was in ICU for 2 nights. After that we saw more color on his skin and his beautiful smile returned.

 Out of all of us, he is the bravest. His Dad and I cry more than him. Even after his surgery (to insert his port) he woke up with that big smile. He's my hero. We have a long journey ahead of us, but I'm sure he his ready for it. He's taking on the 3 years of treatment and he is beating this. Currently he's on steroids, doing chemo through his port, and has spinal taps twice a week. After each appointment all he wants to do is cuddle and watch movies. 

"We received the quilt and it is beautiful. We love it! Thank you so much!"