Raymond J. 

Birth Date: March 22, 2016

Diagnosis: Stage 4 Hepatoblastoma
Ray's Story

Raymond was your typical 2-year-old. Then in the Fall of 2018 he began not wanting to eat. When that continued, I made an appointment with his Pediatrician. She sent us to the ER immediately. It was then that our world was turned upside down. Ray was admitted and diagnosed with Stage 4 Hepatoblastoma within 48 hours. He was started on chemo shortly after, and underwent 2 lung surgeries and a liver resection. Fast forward to June 2019 when he had another maintenance lab draw and ct-scan. Our worst fear was confirmed. The cancer was back!

He then underwent another double lung surgery and chemo, but we we found out he wasn't responding to the chemo. He had yet another double lung surgery and had more chemo and yet again nothing. They had to do another lung surgery to get the metastasized nodules out. That time one of the tumors ruptured in his lung. We went back to the original chemo and amazingly it seemed to help. 

Sadly Ray reached a point that his kidneys and heart couldn't take anymore of the toxicity from the chemo. He was deemed terminal in June 2020. We were told he wasn't able to do any clinical trials or anything with his condition. 

Within 2 weeks his labs showed he bounced back and made it possible to participate in a clinical trial in Houston. The trial will hopefully start in August. The great thing about the whole journey is, despite his diagnosis and condition, he always has a smile and always brings joy to your heart.