Ijaz V.
Birth Date - April 16, 2009

Diagnosis - Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia


Equipment, Emblems, Logos, Mascots
NO Coast Guard

Due Date: 9/1/17

Ijaz's Story

​On July 28, 2016 I packed up my kids and some friends to go hiking in a forest preserve. We had a picnic on the grass, and just before the sun was to set we decided to take a walk through the woods. That's when my 7 year old son complained he was out of breath and that we were walking too fast. As everyone else went ahead of us, I remained behind with my son wondering what was going on. Ijaz caught his breath and we continued on at a much slower pace. The following day we decided to go to the lake. Before long my girls were in the water splashing. It didn't surprise me that Ijaz had remained behind and didn't want to go in. He said he was tired and wanted to lay down. After a while he took a walk looking for shells. Later at home he was halfway up the stairs when he  stopped to catch his breath and asked if I could carry him the rest of the way up. Throughout the night he tossed and turned so much that I had no choice but to wake him up and ask what was wrong. He was uncomfortable and couldn't breath right. 

The next morning I made an appointment to see his pediatrician. After her examination, she urged us to go to the ER immediately. He were given a bed almost immediately and the testing began. After about four hours, the doctors asked to speak with me outside the room. I was shown the x-ray of Ijaz's left lung that was mostly whiteout. By 7 pm the doctors returned with their a diagnosis. They told me my 7-year-old son had a tumor on his lung that had collapsed his lung and was putting pressure on his heart. He was in critical condition and the blood work suggested he might have cancer. They would know more when additional test results came back. 

The next day the diagnosis was official. Ijaz had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia HR T-CELL ALL. He didn't go home from that day throughout all the rigorous tests, x-rays, CT, blood and platelet counts, spinal taps, chemo treatment and steroids for the entire month of August. On September 1st, one month exactly after arriving at the hospital, Ijaz was able to come home. He is currently in his Delayed Intensification phase on Day 50. The next step will be Inter Maintenance phase 2. Ijaz has given new meaning to the words brave, courage, and fighter. 

BE THE BRAVE COURAGEOUS FIGHTER YOU ARE, cherishing every moment of love that you feel in this life knowing that it is the one TRUE blessing that counts.
He has passed each phase with both courage and faith - and continues to do so. He is my hero.

"Ijaz loves his quilt. On behalf of my entire family, we appreciate all you do for our little fighters. Thank you for sending your love and healing prayers in every stitch. The quilt is amazing. God bless you all."