Jocelyn H.
Birth Date - May 25, 2013

Diagnosis - Retinoblastoma 

THEME:  REALISTIC ZOO ANIMALS (THESE ONLY: Kangaroo, cheetah, koala, zebra, beaver, walrus, squirrel, moose, monkeys, otter, dingo, caracal, elephant, orangutan, gazelle and ring tail lemurs.)

Due Date: 3/1/17

Jocelyn's Story

On May 18, I noticed what appeared to be a glare in Jocelyn’s eye. On Saturday, May 21st … the day of her birthday party, her Dad was taking pictures and noticed something didn’t look right with her eye. We never got the chance to ask each other about it then. On Tuesday the 24th, we finally got to talk. Both of us had noticed the eye. I called her Pediatrician the next day, and hey saw her right away. It was her actual 3rd birthday. The doctor referred us to a specialist.

After a couple of trips and several exams, on June 1st we finally get in to see Dr. Hubbord … the best of the best when it comes to retinal care of the eye. Finally we were given a diagnosis. It is Retinoblastoma. CANCER! No plan of action. No words can express how we felt. Our little girl had cancer but what did that mean????  

On June 6th an MRI was done. Her left eye was not affected, but they found a lump on her pineal gland. So what does this mean? 

Fast forward to today. Jocelyn has been through 3 rounds of chemo. She has lost almost all of her hair. She now hates to take medication. She hates doctors. She went from being a child who slept through the night to now waking up and screaming to come sleep with Mom and Dad in fear that we are not there. She has a long road but is a fighter, who will get through it.  

"Thank You"

"The quilt is amazing! I cannot believe the details and all the people who made this awesome for her. I took a video of her telling me all the animals in excitement but it was too large to attach. Here are some pics of her with it. You will have to excuse her face in the picture with her sister. She didn't want to share."