Faith G.
Birth Date - June 5, 2011

Diagnosis - Epilepsy, Hemiplegia, Apraxia


Due Date: 5/1/17
Faith's Story

Faith was not the name we chose. God decided who she was long before we met her. Faith has lived in her own world from the beginning, and we think it's a pretty wonderful place. 

On Mother's Day of 2012, Faith had 9 seizures in 27 hours. They were non-febrile. Ever since then she has confounded medical teams, because she doesn't have epilepsy on its own. She also has a genetic problem that causes temporary bouts of left-sided hemiplegia. Sometimes the paralysis comes with the seizures, but mostly it's independent. She could be walking and just fall over like a stroke victim. 

Faith takes it all in stride. Today, she is 5 and can say about 10 words. She attends a church that has blessed us with a special needs service, so Faith can attend church with us. She attends school with her 6 year old brother. She has a full time aide at school as she has 2-3 seizures a day. God is definitely looking after her. She loves music, puppies, and her family. We couldn't be more proud of her.

"Faith absolutely loves her quilt. She has kissed all the puppies on it. It will come in handy at her next hospital stay. Thank you so much for your generosity."