Isabelle S.


Birth Date: August 22, 2013

Diagnosis: Medulloblastoma 

Isabelle's Story

Isabelle started having really bad tummy aches the beginning of March 2020. After several doctor appointments and different hospital visits, we were told that it was constipation. This went on for more than a month.  We were begging doctors for MRI and CT scans. She got so bad she couldn't walk at all and passed out in our bathroom. She was unresponsive and ambulance workers still did nothing. We finally took matters into our own hands and made appointments for her to be seen an hour away from home.

 We found a gastroenterologist that took us seriously and admitted Isabelle. MRI and CT scans were done and they found a tumor on the back of her brain. I received a phone calls on April 15th from doctors and her dad that they found a tumor. I was in so much shock, having to hear over the phone and being an hour away due to COVID. She was immediately flown by helicopter to Kansas City Childrens Hospital. The next morning  she underwent a 7 1/2 hour surgery to get a biopsy sample. Two weeks later the results were back with more bad news. It was Medulloblastoma and we caught it late. The cancer had already spread to her spinal cord.

We stayed in the hospital for 15 days after surgery. She was released and began treatment immediately starting with radiation. She finished 30 treatments and then we got to go home. Now she receives chemo an hour away from home, plus blood work and sometimes hospital stays if she gets an infection or fever. We also return back to Kansas City, which is a four hour drive from home, and stay 4-5 nights so she can receive more chemo. Isabelle is such a fighter, and says the only hard part so far is losing her hair. She is very strong and keeps fighting and is determined to win this battle. 

"Thank you so much for the quilt. She loves it and was so surprised. God bless you."