Carly N.
Birth Date -  April 29, 2004

Diagnosis - T-Cell Lymphoma 

Theme: Sun, Moon & Stars -
with Navy Blue

Due Date: June 1, 2020

Carly's Story

 We were in Hawaii visiting Carly's Grandpa for Christmas 2018. The first week of the trip went fine. On the 31st she complained her shoulder was really aching, and ibuprophen didn't help. The pain woke her at 2AM, and her breathing seemed to be impaired.  We took her to an InstaCare, but it was New Year’s day and they were closed. We took her to Honolulu's Kapiolani Childrens Hospital. After an x-ray and CT scan, her diagnosis was a very rapid growing cancer. We were advised to take her home right away while she was stable enough to fly. 

On January 3rd we were on a plane headed back to Utah. The trip was terrifying, with so many thoughts running through our minds. We went directly from the airport to the Childrens Hospital in Salt Lake City. Carly was admitted inpatient and remained there for 30 days. Within a few days of our arrival and after more testing, Carly's diagnosis was Non-Hodgkins T-Cell Lymphoma.

Carly's initial extensive treatment should have been for nine months. That had to be extended to 11 months due to set backs that occured. It has been a rough year. A year of clinic visits and treatments and surgeries. But most of all a year of dedication on behalf of Carly, a 14 year old with courage, strength and every other emotion that would go through anyone faced with this "overnight" diagnosis of a life threatening disease. One year of a teenagers life put on hold, unable to go to school, and just hanging on day by day to conquer things that normal people can take for granted.

Carly will continue with regular treatments for another 1.5 years. Her complete treatment time is 2.5 years. A journey indeed, and still more mountains to climb. Recent CT scans have shown no visibility of cancer or cancer cells. So we are turning a large chapter in the book of life and putting it behind us. Carly has recently returned to school after a one year absence. 

"Oh my gosh. Taking pictures and scripting a letter to express how this makes her feel. You are a bunch of talented ladies. We ❤️ you all. The quilter did an absolutely amazing job and all the borders and the batik backing fabric was all so bohemian and fit the theme so well. But so colorful and exotic. She absolutely adores it. ❤️ So thankful to all of you."