Jackson W.
West Virginia
Birth Date - June 24, 2015

Diagnosis - B-Cell ALL

Theme: Fishing & Camping

Due Date: May 1, 2020

Jackson's Story

Jackson was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on July 24th and began chemo on the 25th. Jackson had no history of severe illnesses or anything serious. Over the weekend before diagnosis he started losing color in his face. This led us to the doctor that Monday morning. He had a severely low blood count. We were sent to the ER and then admitted to Charleston Area Medical. Two days later we were told he had leukemia. Shocked is an understatement.  

Jackson has had many chemo treatments along with hospital stays since diagnosis. He has struggled most with neutropenia (keeping a good neutrophil count) which allows his body to become ill more easily and if so, needs close monitoring during that time. He has also had trouble keeping a good red blood count and has had to have several blood transfusions during this time.   

Jackson has been so strong throughout this. Much stronger than any of us adults would be!! He has a younger brother, James, who is two years old. James has learned quickly that his "bubba" doesn't always feel good, and he will pat Jackson's leg and love on him. These boys are our pride and joy. Seeing them happy and healthy is our goal. Though we have come to a block in the road, we will take the long way around and continue on!

​Below is a list of patterns that have been chosen for this quilt.
Please check this list for duplications before signing up.
Link to sign-up form is at the bottom of the list.
Accepting 12 signups

1. Ginny H - ID - Stoney Creek's Spring 2018 magazine - Big Bass - Pg 30-32 - Bass fish w/ hooks, lures & bobbers
2. Inez D - SC - Stoney Creek's Cabin Classics - Canoe - Pg 7 - Canoe w/ oars, sun, tree & border
3. Julia E - OH - Dimensions' kit - Fishin' Time - NA - Sign, hat, net, fish & basket
4. Jani P - CT - Bobbie G Designs - Fishing - NA - Boy & dog fishing from pier
5. Sandy S - MO - Stoney Creek's Cabin Classics - Tent - Pg 6 - Tent w/ sun, trees & border
6. Mary Ann M - MO - Etsy CampCrossStitch - Camping Words - NA - Collage of camping related words
7. Mary Z - CA - Etsy XandraStitch - Adventure Awaits #TR003 - NA - Tent & water w/ mountains in background
8. Laura N - PA - Tiny Modernist Cross Stitch - Adventure Awaits - NA - Tent w/ chairs & campfire, surrounded by camping items
9. Karen B - PA - Etsy LunaRiverCrafts - Large Mouth Bass - NA - Bass in water w/ mouth open
10. Lisa T - AZ - Linda Gillum - Tale of Three Fish - NA - Coho Salmon, Striped Bass, & Rainbow Trout 
11. Jeanne O - TX - Omni Book of Sports - Dreams of Glory - Pg 14 - Fisherman on dock w/ pole & swordfish
12. Joanie E - CA - Cross Stitch Quick magazine 12/1989 - Fish Sampler - Pg 28 - Nine freshwater fish, stitching part of design