Colby P.
Birth Date: September17, 2010

Diagnosis: ROHHAD Syndrome

Theme: Soccer
(With Barcelona team colors - 150 or 815, 796 and 3852)

Due Date: March 1, 2020

Colby's Story

Since Colby was born, he has suffered from severe overheating, abdominal pain, GI issues, swelling, endocrine issues and automatic dysfunction. Colby could not stop gaining weight, even though he was able to eat only a little and was always very active. His condition continued getting worse, and when he was 4 he was diagnosed with ROHHAD Syndrome.

ROHHAD Syndrome causes many physical problems. Colby suffers from Hyperinsulinemia, asthma, lung disease, early puberty, blood disease, severe pain, muscle issues, bone issues, and GI dysmobility.

Colby loves any kind of sports. He loves to run and play, but it is getting harder and harder for him, because his health is declining. Soccer is his favorite sport and Barcelona FC is his favorite club. 

"Colby is so happy with his quilt. He called his friends and showed it to them. Now he is just laying in bed hugging his quilt. Thank you Love Quilts USA!"