Holston H.
Birth Date: January 18, 2014 

Diagnosis: B-Cell ALL

Theme: Super Heroes

Due Date: December 1, 2020

Holston's Story

Holston started to show symptoms in November 2018, and was officially diagnosed with B-Cell ALL on December 13, 2018. He was 4 at the time. He immediately had reactions to the chemo, had scary liver issues and had to stop some of his chemotherapy for awhile. He eventually started back and continued treatment. However that reaction had caused him to lose muscle tone and he had to work on learning to walk again. He has spent numerous painful hours in physical, occupational and speech therapy. 

In February 2019 we were at clinic getting treatment and another blood transfusion, I received a phone call that my Father, Mother and 8-year-old daughter were involved in a car accident. Holston lost his grandmother that day. We all were very close. 

Holston's treatment was going as expected and then in the summer of 2019, he became neutropenic many times. One hospital stay became very extended (49 consecutive days) and he was very sick. He had over 4 infections and then pneumonia. The pneumonia landed him in the PICU for a very scary 10 days. By the grace of God, he survived that episode.  

Holston is now in his last treatment phase, Maintenance and is going well. We are blessed knowing that his treatment will end on December 14th, 2020!

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1. Theresa M - IA - Etsy MandarInksDesigns - Hulk - NA - Standing, facing forward w/ arms outstretched
2. Gwenda L - FL - Etsy PrintAndDecor - Batman - NA - Side view silhouette w/ Gotham City & logo inside
3. Pam R - WA - my-cross-stitch-patterns.com - Spiderman - NA - Crawling forward
4. Inez D - SC - Sinter & Slap Me Three - Slap me Three - NA - Ninja turtle
5.Sandy S - MO - grillestricot.be - Spiderman - Pg 136 - Squatting w/ arms outstretched
6. Pam E - SC - DC Comics Super Heroes - Batman & Robin - Pg 7 - Robin kneeling & pointing w/ Batman standing behind
7. Karen B - PA - Etsy PrintAndDecor - Superman - NA - Silhouette w/ night scene and S logo inside 
8. Hallie W - CA - Etsy SweetXStitch - Spiderman - NA - Riding motorcycle to right
9. Scharlet D - PA - alexstitches.com - Captain America Shield - NA 
10. Carol H - PA - Etsy HallStitch - Captain America - NA - Silhouette w/ shield & Steve Rogers inside
11. Mary Z - CA - Etsy CrossStitchHobbyShop - Always Be Yourself - NA - Batman signal logo w/ saying in red & black
12. Bonnie W - WA - DC Comics Super Heroes - The Flash - Pg 9 - Bursting up from city skyline