Dalton B.
Birth Date: May 29, 2005 

Diagnosis: Leukemia

Theme: Hawaii

Due Date: November 1, 2020

Dalton's Story

Dalton's journey began in late April with swollen lymph nodes behind his ears. We did several labs and although they didn't look good, they could be related to a virus. Follow-up labs looked a bit worse but still did not give us a clear picture. His father and I did not think it was a virus because he had been quarantined for about 6 weeks due to Covid risks. Dalton was a picture of health. The Nurse Practitioner, Kayla, did a 3rd set of labs. This time when the results started coming back, the lab pathologist called his NP and questioned whether we were considering leukemia or lymphoma.

Kayla called me and said she wanted Dalton to see Hematology the next day. She told us her concerns, and that Dalton just needed more tests. May 1st Dalton went to the Oncology clinic. He looked great, healthy eater and a trained athlete. He was no longer having pain and swelling behind his ears. He didn't know why he had to be there. We met the Oncologist, Dr. Spiller, and immediately felt comfortable with her. She did numerous labs, one after another came back minimally off, nothing overly concerning, however not normal. The Pathologist told her he thought there were blasts, cancer cells. Just before the end of the day, Dr. Spiller came into the room, and told us she just received the call, Dalton has leukemia. Since it is Friday afternoon, if I felt comfortable with taking care of him, he could go home over the weekend, then Monday, May 4th, treatment would start.

May 4th started our invasive leukemia journey. Dalton was admitted to East Tennessee Childrens Hospital. He had a port placed, a lumbar puncture to test his spinal fluid and to give him chemo into the spine. He had his bone marrow aspirated as well. He spent the next 4 days in the hospital. Many kids spend more time there but Dalton is extremely healthy and responded well to all treatment. He has gone through 3 lumbar punctures. On June 9th he was released from ETCH after receiving 3 new chemotherapy drugs yesterday. 

Our journey is one of complete shock but has grounded us more in our faith, love of each other, and belief that Dalton will do fine with treatment

"Oh my goodness! It is the most beautiful quilt ever! He loves it so much and can not get over all the details!!!
Thank you so very much!!! It is right here in the living room where he snuggles with it while watching TV!!! All of you are angels on earth!!!"