Landon A.

Birth Date: March 16, 2016

Diagnosis: Cytomegalovirus & Cerebral Palsy
Landon's Story

My pregnancy and Landon's birth were fine. Two months later we found out he was profoundly deaf. I took him for a second opinion, and that is when he tested positive for congenital CMV. We were told he had polmicrogyria and CVI due to brain damage. At 9 months old he had hernia repair surgery. He's had tubes placed in his ears due to chronic ear infections. 

At 18 months he was diagnosed with epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy. At that same time he received Cochlear implants. They have made a huge difference. At 22 months he had a gtube placed due to failure to gain weight. Now he is thriving!

 He has also had many rounds of Botox to keep his high tone under control. He has been inpatient for illness twice. Last July he was inpatient due to cluster seizures, and we found out he had a perforated ear drum due to bad infections. 

Most recently he was inpatient for rsv adneovirus that led to pneumonia. That was the worst he's ever been. Once he was feeling better he was smiling and back to himself. That was so nice to see. Overall he's a very happy little man, very personable and loving and so so strong !! We are so lucky to have him in our lives to snuggle and love! He's taught us so much .

"We love our quilt!"