Kai H.

Birth Date: February 12, 2016

Diagnosis: B Cell ALL
Kai's Story

At the beginning of April 2018, Kai presented with a fever. We took him to the Emergency Room on April 6th due to lethargy and paleness. After being transferred to Childrens Hospital of Alabama, Kai was given two units of blood and platelets. That night we were told he had cancer, but they couldn't tell us which kind. 

The next day they told us Kai was going to be fighting Leukemia B-cell. He was admitted to the hospital Oncology unit for almost two weeks. He was also fighting a blood infection. He had surgery to place a port into his chest for the 3.5 year fight with chemotherapy treatment.  

Kai has completed 8 months of weekly chemo, two months of which consisted of 3 times a week. He will have daily chemo and monthly clinic visits from now until June 21, 2021. He is such a strong warrior and fights this every day with a smile on his face