Vyncent K.
Birth Date - December 1, 2015

Diagnosis - Cephalohematoma

Theme: Favorite Things - Peppa Pig Characters, Elmo, Silly/Goofy Dinosaurs

Due Date: 4/1/19

Vyncent's Story

Vyncent had problems from birth. He had a completely severed fractured clavical on left side, was tested for diabetes, had bleeding on his head, and was in the NICU for a short time. Following that I thought he would be okay. At about 3 months old we started noticing he couldn't swallow very well and was having problems feeding. Since my other children had problems as well, I decided to get him into early intervention and seen by genetics and neurology due to possible seizures. He was diagnosed with Cephalohematoma, fracture of the clavicle, hyperbilirubinemia, heavy for gestational age, metopic craniosynostosis, macroglossia, conductive hearing loss, unspecified lack of expected normal physiological development in childhood, hemihypertrophy, hypotonia, developmentally delayed, 2mm cavernoma, stereotypies, developmental feeding disorder, dystonia, Chiari 1 descent of 7mm left cerebella tonsil is lower than right, plagiocephaly with prominence of the left occipital region, unilateral lambdoid synostosis, walks with gait, speech delay, motor skills delay, feeding delay, sensory integration disorder, abnormal heart rate and rhythm, sub mucous cleft palate, concern for ASD, severe eczema on face, legs, stomach, back, excessive protrusion of tongue, congenital metatarsus adducts, other acquired deformations of right foot, other acquired deformations of left foot = Q66.22, M21.6x1, M21.6x2, dysphagia, and oral motor delay.

He has to wear braces on his feet as he has a deformation of his legs and feet. He has clubbing of his feet, the left is worse than right, and he had to wear his afo's. They told us while getting the orthotics made that his legs will never improve, but we can relieve the pressure off his legs and hips. He can't run or jump like normal children his age. With all of his therapy including occupational, speech and physical working with him since 3 months old, we make improvements. But then something happens and he regresses right back. It's been a battle since he was born. He has problems with eating still, He can only eat certain foods as he has problems swallowing and chewing. We are still battling with neurology to get the help he needs and it's a long process. Vyncent is almost 3 years old and still having lots of problems that are delaying his development.