Jake B.
Birth Date - November 9, 2005

Diagnosis - Ventricular Tachycardia

Theme: Great Outdoors - Fishing, Hunting, Camping, Woodland Animals

Due Date: 3/1/19

Jake's Story

Jake was diagnosed with Ventricular Tachycardia in December 2011. His condition is extremely rare in children. He has had numerous hospital stays and numerous procedures, including four heart ablations. With the last ablation being referred and performed by an Electrophysiologist that specializes in adults.

Jake developed the nickname "Jigsaw" because 30+ of the best cardiologists in Georgia have been stumped by the complexity of his condition. He always seems to draw a crowd of nurses, doctors, and fellows, because of his unique case.

Despite the last seven years of challenges, Jake has maintained such a strong attitude, with many doctors and nurses praising his upbeat personality.

"Thank you all so much for making Jake such an amazing and beautiful quilt!! You all are so talented. Amazing work!"