Logan T.
Birth Date - August 20, 2012

Diagnosis - B-Cell ALL

Theme: Robots  
Including movie robots: R2D2, BB8, Dalek, WALL-E, C-3PO

Due Date: 2/1/19

Logan's Story

Logan was a healthy and happy four year old who had just started Pre-K. As soon as school started he was constantly sick. He would have a fever for three days, then be better. The next week he would be throwing up. On Labor Day weekend 2016 Logan developed a low grade fever that went on for six days. I called the pediatrician and requested a CBC, thinking it was probably just viral. The results came back and Logan was very neutropenic with an absolute neutrophil count of only 400. Logan was immediately admitted to the hospital, placed on antibiotics and underwent a series of tests including two bone marrow biopsies. 

After two weeks we were given the devastating news that our precious child had Leukemia. We were shocked and couldn't believe this was happening to our family. We wondered often how we were going to get through his illness. 

Logan has endured so much in the last 2 years including numerous blood draws and port access, over thirty spinal taps, three bone marrow biopsies, several ER visits and hospital admissions, oral steroids every month, and numerous IV chemotherapy treatments. The first nine months were incredibly intense. We were at the hospital constantly for procedures, tests, doctor visits, and chemotherapy. Logan's treatment will last 3.5 years. He takes many pills every day. It's been tough and three years feels so long. However each day is brighter than the last. 

September 2018 Update - Logan is still in maintenance which consists of oral chemo every night, oral steroids one week out of every month, IV chemo monthly, and spinal taps with intrathecal chemo. He’s in first grade and doing well. Logan had to be hospitalized for neutropenia and high fevers the end of August and beginning of September. He is scheduled to finish treatment December 2019. We try to live our lives as normal as possible and are living it to the fullest.