Jack M.
North Carolina
Birth Date - December 8, 2009

Diagnosis - Gastroparesis &

Theme: Star Wars 
(Will accept some "Space" designs)

Due Date: November 1, 2019

Jack's Story

At age four Jack began having issues eating, chronic vomiting, and became extremely ill. The pediatrician ignored it for several months. After he lost a significant amount of weight and couldn't eat and keep anything down they referred us to UAB Children's Hospital. After weeks inpatient he was finally diagnosed with Gastroparesis. With treatment (medications) and avoiding a lot of different foods he seemed to be managing much better.  

Last summer Jack was having bowel issues. We made a few trips to the doctor and were referred to Levine Children's Hospital. He underwent tests and was diagnosed with familial adenomatous polyps. After treatment and medication we were once again settling into what our new normal would be.

Two months ago our active boy began sleeping all the time, had severe muscle and joint pain and an extremely irritating rash on his face. We made 4 trips to the ER. Each time receiving a different diagnosis. Our last trip resulted in lots of tests and specific blood tests. We got called for an emergency appointment at Brenners Children's Hospital, and on June 10th Jack received the diagnosis of Dermatomyositis. He was admitted to the hospital and began treatment, which includes daily medications, weekly shots, monthly IVIG infusions, and physical therapy. 

Jack will have many limitations moving forward. Dermatomyositis is a rare autoimmune disease where the body's immune system begins attacking itself. The medications used to treat his condition are harsh and suppress his immune system, which puts him at greater risk of colds and infections. The disease causes a very painful rash, skin issues, muscle deterioration and pain, joint stiffness and pain, massive headaches, and extreme fatigue. It also has other more serious side effects. As a fun loving 8-year-old, the muscle pain and weakness have hit Jack hard. Most days he doesn't have the strength to get out of bed or energy to do much. Another issue is exposure to the sun greatly increases his chances of a flare up. So he is to avoid sun exposure and wear high spf sunscreen, UV protection in clothes, eyewear, and a hat when he is outdoors. 

​Below is a list of patterns that have been chosen for this quilt.
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Accepting 20 signups

1. Sharon H - UK - Etsy DiStefanoArt - Death Star Abstract - NA - Outline of Death Star w/ character silhouettes
2. Gwenda L - FL - Etsy VallesMarineris - Millennium Falcon - NA - Viewed from above
3. Sandy S - MO - grillestricot.be - Darth Vader - NA - Head w/ shield background & "SITH" below
4. Jani P - CT - LORRAC Designs - Earth Rise - NA - View of Earth from space
5. Karen B - PA - Etsy ValentiCrossStitch - BB-8 Droid - NA - Droid standing on dirt w/ rocks
6. Jeanne O - TX - Star Wars in Cross Stitch - R2-D2 - Pg 52-55 - Standing
7. Frank O - TX - Star Wars in Cross Stitch - BB-8 - Pg 56-59 - Standing
8. Melinda S - GA - Dimensions - Storm Trooper - NA - Head & shoulders w/ "Star Wars" below
9. Debbie S - AL - Etsy AwesomePatternStudio - Yoda & Darth Vader - NA - Two w/ dark sky background
10. Carol L - PA - Etsy AwesomePatternStudio - Master Yoda - NA - Facing left in fight stance w/ light saber raised
11. Steph L - ID - Etsy ValentiCrossStitch - Chewbacca - NA - Standing w/ crossbow
12. Gail B - ID - Etsy ValentiCrossStitch - C3PO & R2D2 - NA - Standing together, looking left
13. Meg J - NC - Etsy CrazzzyStitch - In This House - NA - Characters names & their qualities, edited for size
14. Lisa T - AZ - Etsy ValentiCrossStitch - Boba Fett - NA - Leaping forward
15. Sandie L - OH - Etsy StitchBucket - X-Wing Fighter - NA - Viewed from above
16. Sandra P - MA - Etsy StitchBucket - AT-AT Walker - NA - All terrain armored transport, heading right
17. Carol H - PA - Etsy HappySlothPatterns - Princess Leia - NA - Portrait head & shoulders
18. Mary M - CA - Star Wars in Cross Stitch - Death Star - Pg 48-51 - Overview
19. Sandy G - VA - my-cross-stitch-patterns.com - Jyn-Erso - Pg 1 (Movies) - Head & shoulders, turned to right
20. Carrie H - MO - Star Wars in Cross Stitch - Logo - Pg 10-13