Birth Date: August 2, 2010

Diagnosis:  Leukemia

Theme: St. Louis Cardinals
(Red - DMC #666) 

Due Date: August 1, 2019

Mason's Story

On February 4th I took Mason to the doctor with a fever of 102. They swabbed him for flu. He was diagnosed with Influenza A, and treated with Tamiflu. February 12th Mason was still not better and had no appetite. I took him back to the doctor. They said he may need another round of antibiotics, and treated him with Zithromicen. He finished that medicine on the 16th.

On February 19th I took him back to the doctor for the 3rd time. Mason was so pale, had a white tongue and gums, and still no appetite. They told me he was worn out and just needed more rest. I had a mom instinct telling me that was not all that was wrong with my son, and I requested blood work. We returned home and 45 minutes after arriving there, I received the most devastating phone call news!!! Mason's lab work was showing Leukemia. We headed to Childrens Hospital in St. Louis.

 Childrens performed their own labs. They confirmed and diagnosed Mason with ALL Leukemia. They began treatment right away. His first chemo was on February 22md. We have been in Childrens since February 19th. As of the date today, March 17th, we are still here and haven’t been home. 
"Mason received his quilt on Friday. He was very excited to have a package in the mail and couldn’t wait to open it. When he opened it, he was all smiles and said, 'WOW. Mom! Look at the blanket someone made me!' I explained where it came from and told him what Love Quilt is all about. I showed him where and from who each square came. He said, 'All these people from all over helped make this for me. This is very special and I feel pretty special too!' We want tp say THANK YOU to all that helped make Mason's quilt and for all the work in making it possible for him to receive such a loving gift!"