Emma B.
Birth Date: December 22, 2015

Diagnosis: ALL Type B

Theme: Dolls & Teddybears

Due Date: May 1, 2019

Emma's Story

Emma was supposed to have her tonsils and adenoids removed on December 3rd. Instead she was admitted with a virus. Her CBC came back with what appeared to be leukemia cells. The next day they did a bone marrow biopsy and a spinal tap. The results would reveal what type of Leukemia she has. Emma's blood cell testing came back with B type ALL.

The signs Emma had leading to this ...  first was epstein barr virus (mono). Case studies suggest a link between the virus and increased chance in kids with Down syndrome and Leukemia. She also had a rash that had some petechiae. All explained away in association with the mono. Next I noticed Emma's energy and stamina decreased. She seemed to have a 5 week long cold. Her rapid breathing and choking on drainage led us to the ER.

Hematology said her spinal fluid appeared clear. They do not believe the cancer is in her spinal fluid. Emma started chemo on December 6th. Initial treatment is the most intense, where she'll likely lose her hair, feel horrible, and be required to to stay in the hospital. The goal is remission within a month, chemo by taking a pill at home for 2 years, and monthly follow up at the clinic. Typically, those with Down syndrome have to be watched more closely for adverse reactions during treatment.  

"Emma just opened her quilt, its perfect! So very pretty and beautifully made! Thank you so incredibly much for all the time and love each of you stitched and sewed into her quilt."